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My E-motions tool for Practitioners


At My E-motions, we understand the unique challenges faced by professionals working with children. We've listened to many practitioners express their difficulties in coming up with engaging and effective activities for kids. Some have had to dedicate a substantial amount of time preparing activities before each session, striving to ensure they have the right tools for every child.

This is why we're thrilled to offer our specialized tools, such as "Let's Share" and "Mixed E-motions" These games were created to provide you with valuable resources to enhance your therapy sessions. The magic lies in the fact that children can easily connect with the five lovable characters representing the elements within us: Ryangry (wood), Dramamia (fire), Pleasington (earth), Perfectron (metal), and Fearolina (water).


We believe in simplifying your role and amplifying the effectiveness of your work. By incorporating these games into your sessions, you can save time on preparation and focus on what truly matters: building connections and fostering emotional communication with the children you work with. Your young clients can relate to the characters, making your sessions more engaging and productive. Join us on this exciting journey of enhancing children's emotional expression and bonding.

Tamar Berry LCSW testimonial

Tamar Berry LCSW testimonial

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Empowering Parents with My E-motions Tools

At My E-motions, we recognize the distinct challenges that parents face in navigating the complex landscape of their child's emotions. We understand that building effective communication and connection with your child is crucial, yet it can be a daunting task.

Our commitment is to provide you with innovative tools like "Let's Share" and "Mixed E-motions" to support you on this parenting journey. These games have been meticulously designed to offer valuable resources for enhancing emotional expression and communication in your family.

Why My E-motions Games?

  • Connect Through Play: These games introduce five lovable characters, each representing an element within us: Ryangry (wood), Dramamia (fire), Pleasington (earth), Perfectron (metal), and Fearolina (water). This playful approach allows children to easily connect with the characters and facilitates open communication.

  • Build Strong Bonds: By incorporating these games into your family activities, you create a space for meaningful conversations, bonding, and understanding. The characters serve as relatable companions for your child, making the exploration of emotions a shared experience.

  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence: My E-motions games go beyond entertainment; they are a pathway to enhancing emotional intelligence in children. Through play, your child learns to recognize, express, and cope with various emotions, laying the foundation for a healthier emotional well-being.

Simplify Parenting, Amplify Connection We believe in simplifying your role as a parent, making the journey of understanding your child's emotions more accessible and enjoyable. By integrating these games into your family time, you not only save on preparation but also create lasting memories of shared experiences.

Join us on this exciting journey of empowering parents, fostering emotional connections, and building a foundation of emotional well-being for your child.