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Meet the Collaborators

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Hagit Segal:

Hagit Segal is a dedicated and seasoned educator specializing in Early Childhood Education. With a wealth of knowledge in crafting educational programs and a visionary spirit, she established Mistake Club—an empowering platform for parents, educators, and children to embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning. Hagit resides in Round Rock, Texas, and shares her love for the arts through teaching art classes and workshops.

Collaboration: Neta and Hagit have co-created "My E-motions," a delightful series representing the essential elements within us. Ryangry (wood), Dramamia (fire), Pleasington (earth), Perfectron (metal), and Fearolina (water) serve as relatable guides for children to explore emotions and develop crucial social and emotional skills. Their collaboration extends beyond books into engaging social-emotional games and activities.

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Rachel Shalev:

Meet Rachel Shalev, Our Trusted Psychological Consultant! Rachel is an expert in psychology with a background in Expressive-Arts Therapy. She holds a degree in Expressive-Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), specializing in working with children and families.

Rachel has contributed her invaluable insights to our upcoming book, enriching its content. Her experience as an educator and her dedication to therapy make her a vital part of our team. Her expertise will greatly benefit readers seeking to understand childhood emotions and development.

Rachel Shalev, M.A., AMFT, has made significant contributions to My E-motions, serving as a consultant for "Mixed E-motions." Her expertise enhances this visual aid card game, providing a valuable tool for children, especially non-verbal ones, to express their inner feelings. Rachel's insights enrich the world of My E-motions. Additionally, she played a crucial role as a collaborator in the creation of the book "Happy Campers," bringing her expertise to further enhance the content and impact of this engaging adventure.

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Meirav Turbahn Olteanu

Introducing Meirav Turbahn Olteanu, Our Inspiring Contributor! Meirav is a Magnetic Mind life coach and a dedicated self-growth activities facilitator within her children's classrooms, a role she has embraced since her oldest started pre-K.

As a passionate life coach, Meirav specializes in helping individuals discover the transformative power of self-compassion. This forms a robust foundation for regaining control over emotions, thoughts, and actions. Empowered by this newfound self-awareness, individuals can make intentional choices regarding their goals and take progressive steps toward achieving them. Meirav's commitment to fostering personal growth and well-being makes her a valuable addition to our team and an asset to the activities, including the creation of the "Goal Setting Activity."

Special Thanks to Our Local Printing Partner: Minuteman Press

Meet Lei from Minuteman Press – Our Dedicated Local Printing Partner! Lei played a pivotal role in bringing our card games to life, offering unwavering support and expertise throughout the printing process. With her guidance, we were able to tailor the print materials, determine the ideal card size and quantity, design the perfect box, and more.

As a local printer, Lei's commitment and care shine through in every detail, making the collaboration a seamless and gratifying experience. We're incredibly grateful for Lei's dedication and expertise, turning our vision into a tangible reality.

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"Special Thanks to Our 3D Printing Partner: Mathew from Empyrean3D"

Navigating the world of 3D printing was an entirely new journey for us, and Mathew from Empyrean3D became our guiding light throughout this process. His expertise, patience, and commitment were instrumental in bringing our characters, Ryangry, Dramamia, Pleasington, Perfectron, and Fearolina, to life in three dimensions. Mathew provided invaluable insights, ensuring that the 3D-printed versions of our lovable characters would become cherished play therapy tools for pediatric practitioners and counselors. We are sincerely grateful for his support and dedication.

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