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Embark on a Journey of Connection with My E-motions Games

Welcome to the world of My E-motions, where games become pathways to understanding, communication, and bonding. Our carefully crafted games are designed to unlock the language of emotions in a playful and engaging manner. Each game features our lovable elemental characters—Ryangry, Dramamia, Pleasington, Perfectron, and Fearolina—making it easy for kids to relate and connect. Join us on this adventure as we introduce you to a series of games that not only entertain but also foster emotional intelligence and strengthen the parent-child bond.


"Let's Share": A Game for Emotional Connection

Welcome to "Let's Share," a transformative card game designed to teach kids the art of recognizing and expressing emotions. As they play, children observe, learn, and explore coping skills and empathy in a playful environment.

How It Works: The Three Categories

  • Pretend: Explore emotions through role-playing.

  • Share: Articulate feelings through verbal expression.

  • Advice: Offer advice to characters, promoting diverse perspectives.

No Right or Wrong, Just Learning Discover the value in diverse responses, nurturing a mindset of acceptance and understanding.

Adults as Role Models Even the shyest adults become role models, influencing the learning experience and modeling desired behavior.

Versatility for All Ages and Settings A versatile tool for parents, educators, and practitioners, facilitating enjoyable and insightful conversations about emotions.

Blank Cards for Personal Expression Encourage personal expression with blank cards, fostering discussions about real situations, lessons learned, and alternative approaches.

Ready to embark on a joyful exploration of emotions with your child? "Let's Share" is more than a game; it's a bridge to meaningful connections.

"Mixed E-motions": A Visual Journey into Emotions

Step into the captivating world of "Mixed E-motions," a unique card game serving as a visual aid for children to express their inner world without the pressure of using words.

How It Works: Expression Cards When faced with questions like, "How do you feel about moving to a new school?" kids use expression cards to effortlessly show a range of emotions such as excitement, fear, or sadness. This non-verbal approach allows them to express complex feelings without the need for words.

Elaboration and Coping Skills As children become more relaxed, they may elaborate on why they chose each expression, offering insights into their emotional landscape. Following this, they explore coping skills by selecting "helper" cards. For example, choosing a card with friends might signify the importance of staying in touch, having playdates, or connecting with new peers.

A Tool for Understanding Parents can use "Mixed E-motions" to gain a deeper understanding of their child's feelings and discover effective ways to support them. Therapists, including those working with non-verbal children, find this game to be a powerful tool for fostering communication and emotional exploration.

Embark on a visual journey with your child, unraveling the layers of their emotions with "Mixed E-motions."

Using "Mixed E-motions" to help our child communicate their inner world

Using "Mixed E-motions" to help our child communicate their inner world

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