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"Meet the Authors: Neta Shani and Hagit Segal"

Welcome to the author's page for "Happy Campers"! We are Neta Shani and Hagit Segal, the creative minds behind this adventurous and heartwarming journey into the world of emotions. As mothers, educators, and passionate advocates for children's well-being, we joined forces to bring you a delightful and educational experience.

Neta Shani:

With over 17 years of experience as a pediatric acupuncturist, Neta embarked on a mission to explore the realms of sensory processing and emotional regulation. Inspired by the challenges her own twins presented, she delved into creating tools that empower parents in fostering strong communication with their children. Neta's dedication to understanding emotions and her unique perspective shaped the foundation of our book.

Hagit Segal:

An accomplished educator specializing in Early Childhood Education, Hagit is the visionary founder of Mistake Club. Her wealth of knowledge in crafting educational content that celebrates mistakes as opportunities for learning adds a distinctive layer to "Happy Campers." Hagit's expertise in teaching, coupled with her love for the arts, played a crucial role in shaping the characters and lessons within the book.

Collaboration: Our collaboration extends beyond the pages of "Happy Campers" as we integrate the lovable characters into social-emotional games and activities that engage and enrich young minds. With shared passion and a commitment to childhood development, our goal is to create valuable resources that resonate with parents, educators, and children alike.

Join us on this exciting adventure as we explore emotions under the stars and discover the power of understanding and expressing our feelings. We hope "Happy Campers" becomes a cherished part of your journey in fostering emotional intelligence and building meaningful connections with the children in your life.

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