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Welcome to My E-motions!

Hello! I'm Neta, and I've been a pediatric acupuncturist for over 17 years. My journey started with the challenges presented by my own twins, leading me to the fascinating realms of sensory processing and emotional regulation. The profound connection between emotional regulation and our 8th sense, Interoception, became a focal point of my work.


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As COVID lockdowns impacted children's emotional well-being, I introduced a new tool—Biofeedback, or as kids call it, "the lie detector!" This taught me the stress children experienced when asked about their feelings. Recognizing the shared struggle of parents in getting their kids to share feelings, I dedicated myself to creating tools that empower parents in building strong communication with their children. The goal is for parents to be the ones teaching their kids the language of emotions, creating a shared journey of growth and connection.

Facing the challenge of creating inclusive and relatable characters, I turned to the Chinese 5-element theory, viewing the world through the lens of these elements. The result? Our five lovable characters: Ryangry (wood), Dramamia (fire), Pleasington (earth), Perfectron (metal), and Fearolina (water).

This journey wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the incredible contributions of collaborators. Hagit Segal and Rachel Shalev have been integral to this venture. My E-motions is not just a business; it's a labor of love—a woman-owned business locally printed in Texas.

Join me on this exciting journey to empower parents, connect with kids, and spread the language of emotions through My E-motions!

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