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For many kids, using visual aids makes it much easier to communicate. For this game, we teamed up with our psychological advisor- Rachel Shalev M.A, AMFT, to ensure "Mixed e-motions" would be beneficial for parents and pediatric professionlas that wish to enrich their SEL (social emotional learning) toolkit better communicate with kids. 

By using the visual aids, it makes it easier for kids who are reserved, or even those who are non-verbal - to express thier inner feelings.

You can as k question about how they are feeling and allow them to use as many e-motions cards as needed, as they might be feeling more than one emotion and even mixed emotions! for examples, if you ask how they are feeling about winter break, they might feel excited, but also sad to not see their friends, and maybe upset for not going to the water park but happy to see family, etc... and when asked what helper cards would make them feel better, it could be a book, but also their teddy bear, some music, their baseball, etc...


There are also e-motions list" cards to help enrich their vocabulary, so if they use the word "sad" you could look at similar emotions and help them enrich their vocabulary.


Mixed E-motions

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$19.99Sale Price
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