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A special bundle of emotional toys to help teach kids the language of emotions while working on communication skills. 
Whether you are a parent wanting to provide your child with communication and emotional tools, or a practitioner/educator working with kids - this bundle gives you a great toolkit to encourage children to express their emotions and gives you the opportunity to teach them skills for both communicating and ideas of coping with different situations.

"Let's Share!" is a card game that through mimicking, creates a fun environment to bring up our emotions and talk about what is going on in our lives while bonding with our family members. Also great for educators and practitioners working with children!

The fillable cards offer an opportunity to create your own card game by using events that actually happened to your children. By creating their own cards, this allows them to set aside their ego, and view things in a more objective way - thus allowing themselves to analyze and learn from their own experiences

The E-motions team consists of 5 characters: Ryangry, Dramamia, Pleasington, Perfectron and Fearolina. Each representing one of the 5 Chinese elements accordingly: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
A few characteristics of each:
Ryangry: Frustrated, angry, “bossy”, assertive, loud, determined
Dramamia: excited, happy, smiling, laughing, giggling, “dramatic”, fun
Pleasington: soft voice, self-pity, friendly, loving, empathetic, whiny, worried
Perfectron: sharp voice, accurate, blunt, justice seeker, perfectionist, serious
Fearolina: shy/reserved, fearful, strong will power, blends in easily, quiet, mellow

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