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Things I wish I knew as a young mom

By: Dali Litinski - the UnStoppable Growth Coach

I remember coming home from the hospital after delivering my new baby girl. While in the hospital, I found myself fantasizing my life with my newborn upon my return home: my husband will go to work in the morning and I’ll clean the house and prepare dinner for us and play with the baby; basically all that was missing was angels singing in the background. I immediately learned that raising an infant would yield a completely different reality… She didn’t nurse right and I was kept awake most nights. During the day I didn’t even have time to eat and my life shifted from a very busy, full life to nursing all day long while sitting on the recliner with her in my arms and looking longingly outside the window, thinking, “there goes my life”

First lesson- Pay attention to the ideal you are building in your mind—meaning, realize and be aware of your expectations—and then remind yourself that expectations are usually a recipe for disappointment… Today, 22 years later with 3 gorgeous kids, I recognize that every magical moment that came with motherhood came from a choice; A choice to accept me and my weaknesses, judgments and fears. A choice to accept my kids and their challenges, to respect their different opinions and wants. A choice in deciding what kind of relationship I want with them.

I make mistakes! Probably even every day… but I always go back and reflect on my intentions of the kind of relationship I want to have with them, and of the humans I want to raise- kind, independent leaders who know how to choose and how to live life the fullest.

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