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My favorite tips for a great family valentine’s day!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

By Merav Greenberg - experienced mom of 3 (18 years!), previously a Drama Therapist, currently a Mind-Body practitioner

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and this is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to get together! Although we see each other every day, we don’t always remember to make it “us time”, to really be present in the moment, together, as a family. Holidays, especially ones that are all about love, are an opportunity to play together, to really bond.

Family activities are a great opportunity to get to know each other better and to learn from each other. You can easily arrange for family activities either indoors or outdoojbjrs - the focus should be finding something that will be enjoyable to everyone in your family, or find a combination of activities so that every member will feel they contributed in choosing.

Recommendations for outdoors family activities:

Hiking outdoors could be a fun activity for families. You can stop for a break and look for things to group together in the shape of a heart. It could be leaves, pebbles, small branches, etc. you can also use small rocks or leaves to spell the names of your family members.

Have a picnic! Pack up some bread, crackers, dips and anything else that comes to mind. Use the dips to decorate the bread and crackers in heart shapes. Ask each family member to make at least one and hand it to someone else in the family to try their secret ingredient dish (secret ingredient being the hearts of course)

Taking a stroll in the neighborhood or a family bike ride could also be a morale booster. If it’s a walk, you can take the time to look out for things that bring joy, it can involve different senses, a rich imagination and of course should be done with attentiveness. For instance - look at the rays of the sun, stop and look at a rainbow, listen to the birds chirping, smell a flower, smell the fresh trimmed grass, gaze at the sky and look for interesting clouds.. Does one of them resemble a heart?

Recommendations for indoor activities:

Throw some pillows in the seating areas for your family to sit on, you can add some candles or lights. Make some popcorn in heart shaped plates or decorate plastic cups in red or pink decorations. Choose a movie that makes you think about “love” - whether it’s “Shrek”, “Beauty and the beast” or any other movie you think will get your family into the valentine’s mood! You can add a pink strawberry milkshake and munch on heart shaped cookies. The goal is to enjoy some family time together, laugh, have fun TOGETHER!

Another family fun activity could be hiding chocolate hearts around the house, each person gets a turn and the other family members can only say “hot” if they are getting closer or “cold” if they are going opposite of the chocolate.

Everyone loves getting presents but it also feels amazing to be on the giving side. Take this opportunity to arrange for a gift that is something you experience rather than a “thing” you purchase. It could be that rather than reading a book to your child before bedtime - they can use a coupon for 2 books. It could be a coupon for a homemade massage, or for someone else emptying the dishwasher. I leave it up for your imagination to find the surprise that will make your family happy! The key here - give from the heart.

With love,


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