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“it’s great that you’re creating content for our children, but what about us?"

Her eyes lit up when I told her about Mistake Club. She says how important it was to teach children to embrace and learn from mistakes. Before I had a chance to enjoy that proud moment she added: “it’s great that you’re creating content for our children, but what about us? We also need tools so that we can support our children.” I was shocked! First, how did I not think about it before? We cannot teach children to embrace mistakes if their parents and teachers are not on the same page. Second, it never occurred to me that parents need help and are looking for guidance as well.

The first thing we did to answer that need of parents is creating Mistake Club magazine where parents and educators can find interviews with experts, activities, stories book recommendations and so much more, to help them support their children. Topics of the magazine include bullying, body image, our relationship with food, coping with a loss of a pet and more.

The natural next step was to use all the information we earn and create workshops for parents where they can learn, experience, and receive tools to be able to guide their children through difficult times.

Mistake Club offers the workshops FREE for a limited time to groups of 6-20 parents in person or via zoom. Click here for more information about the workshops.


Hagit Segal

Co-founder, Mistake Club

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