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For Parents/Caregivers

As a busy mom working with other people's kids - it was very convenient for me to drop my own kids off at school and to pick them up late in the afternoon 5 days a week and disappear to my practice on Saturdays. it was very convenient for me to have their teacher talk with them about behaviors, about emotions and to have teachers help resolve conflicts that arose. and then one day, came the lockdowns! I was stuck with my kids for 3 whole weeks -  and I was so HAPPY! (no cynicism). I got to know my kids so much better, I got to realize how much I've missed out on and that I need to recalculate my route so that I could spend more time with them. 

That led me to to idea that if I provide tools to parents, I would empower them, and at the same time, have more time for my own family. 

So... Let's Share - is the first tool I've created for parents

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