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Welcome to My E-motions:
Connecting with Your Child through Play


At My E-motions, we're passionate about empowering parents, grandparents, educators, and pediatric therapists to build strong and effective communication with the children they care for. In a world where basic communication skills are sometimes lacking, we understand the stress and unwanted behaviors this can lead to. Our mission is to change that by making communication fun, engaging, and a natural part of family life.

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest creation, "Happy Campers: A Trip Full of Emotions." Dive into a heartwarming adventure that combines the joy of camping, the magic of storytelling, and the power of social-emotional learning.

🏆 Already #1 After the First Day!

We're overjoyed to share that "Happy Campers" has achieved the #1 spot in its category after just one day of launch! The response has been incredible, and we're grateful for the support of our wonderful readers.

📘 Discover the Magic:

  • Engaging Storytelling

  • Interactive Family Activities

  • Social-Emotional Learning Tools

Explore the pages and unlock a world of emotions, bonding, and valuable lessons. Order your copy today and join the "Happy Campers" family adventure!

🌟 Exciting News! Our New Book "Happy Campers" is Here! 🌟

Meet our Five Lovable Characters

Our secret? We've created five lovable characters, each representing one of the elements within us: Ryangry (Wood), Dramamia (Fire), Pleasington (Earth), Perfectron (Metal), and Fearolina (Water). These charming personalities help children easily relate to their own emotions and navigate their inner worlds. Through consistent exposure to these characters in every game and activity, kids find motivation and familiarity, making it easier for them to open up and express themselves.

Get a free copy of our guides: "Elementary Parenting: Understanding Your Child for Effective Communication" + more